Corporate Social Responsibility

We, as a good organization, are committed to creating values to the society by adhering to the principle of steel industrial business conduct in order to encourage and promote and be part of creating the stability of steel industrial markets, and we will operate our business with responsibility for social and environmental benefits.

Policy Overview

The Company is committed to produce and deliver quality products that meet customers’ requirement under good good corporate governance by adhering to responsibility on impacts which occurred from Company’s business operation, to environment and communities. The business operation principle is based mainly on ethical manner, transparency, accountability, respect for human rights, compliance with legal requirements, adherance to international practices, taking into account the interests of stakeholders including the commitment to improve,develop corporate social responsibility continuously and sustainably.

Operation and report preparation

The Company adheres to conducting business with fairness, effort to build the fairness among trading partners and competitors while maintaining highest benefit of the Company. The obligations and contract are strictly complied with in order to achieve common objectives. The practices based on fair trade are defined in the code of conduct as follows:

  • In cases where partnering companies are related with director, manager or employee, what may cause injustice in business, such person shall report to their supervisors in writing prior to the Company’s transaction.
  • Executives and employees shall honestly and fairly comply with trade terms with trading partners. In the case it is enable to comply with the aforementioned conditions, the matter should be reported to the head of department in order to contact trading partners to discuss for final solutions.
  • Directors, executives and employees are not allowed to give or offer assets or interests to any external party which may lead tounfairbusiness as well as to refrain from receiving any assets or benefits from trading partners.

The company intends to run business honestly with transparency, responsibility and in accordance with good governance. Moreover, the company also places importance on creating and supporting good culture of business management in the company for every director and employee to follow and take maximum profit into consideration. Therefore, the company, realizing that corruption destroys free and fair competition and causes damage to development of economy and society, prescribed anti-corruption policy in order to oppose every kind of corruption. To ensure that the company has proper policy to specify responsibility, guideline and operation and to prevent corruption in every business activity, the company created the anticorruption policy in writing so that it will be a clear guideline to run business and develop the sustainable organization. This is distributed in website of the company with the link pdf/20161220-chow-anti-corruption-th.pdf and in October 2016, the company joined the declaration of intention to be Collection Action Coalition of private sector of Thailand to oppose corruption.

The Company has a policy to uphold human rights and respect dignity and privacy rights of director, executive and employees. The Company provides equal employment opportunity and do not allow discrimination, worker deprivation, harassment or intimidation due to differences in nationality, race, class, gender, age, religious, beliefs and social status. Executive and employee have opportunity to be supported for further training in order to develop capability equally and properly under the necessity of each job level. The company has a policy to maintain work environment with safety, hygiene and conduciveness for effective work by defining practices based on human rights upholding and career opportunity with equality as per the code of conduct as follows:

  • Treat colleagues with respect to their honor, dignity and individual rights.
  • Treat the individuals politely, equally, without discrimination in spite of the differences in nationality, race, class, gender, age, religious, beliefs, social status.
  • Respect classy culture and traditions of Thailand and various countries who have been in contact to conduct business and carry out activities in appropriate way to social and economic condition of such country.
  • In case of any unusual event is detected that could affect safety at work, executives and employees shall report it toresponsible person who should undertake appropriate action immediately.

Employment and Labor Relations

The Company has set up Welfare Committee in the establishment, which is responsible for joining discussion in providing welfare and additional benefits to employees as well as fairly define policy and welfare benefits to employees to promote work life quality, create motivation as well as fully and continuously develop work capacity. In the year 2015-2016, the Company won Outstanding Labour Relations and Labour Welfare Award from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour. However, last year the company performed as follows:

  • Provide orientation to new employee, so that the employees understand how the organization works and comply with company policy in corresponding direction.
  • Provide reasonable profit according to knowledge and skills, responsibility and performance of individual employee.
  • Appointment, transfer, rewarding and employees punishment shall be done in equal manner and honesty, based on correct knowledge basis, ability and suitability as well as in line with true action or practice of such staff.
  • Provide appropriate benefits such as uniforms, casualty insurance, provident fund, housing loan, incentive, scholarship, gym and so on.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to learn and develop knowledge and ability by participate in training courses and seminars outside the company.
  • Caring for workplace environment in the factory starting with “Chow Style Relaxation Zone Project”, which encourages all employees to participate in landscaping, provides hygienic and relaxing corner for employees to increase work efficiency.
  • Strictly comply with law and regulations related to employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

The company has appointed Safety Committee to determine troubleshooting and promote safety activities. Operational level staffs has granted opportunity to participate in the committee in order to obtain information needed for operatives. The Company featured activities that may pose negative impact on employees themselves. The Company has also given a priority to activities that may pose external impacts. Thus, the Community Relations Committee is established in order to mutually improve various effects and encourage the Company to contribute in community activities.

In the year 2012, the Company joined CSR-DIW and was granted Green Industry Certificate Level 1 (Green Commitment), which reflect the Company’s commitment in reducing environmental impact as well as communication within the organization and Green Industry certificate Level 2 (Green Activity), indicated the implementation of activities that fulfill the preset commitment to reduce environmental impact. In addition, The company received certificate of compliance with industrial enterprise social responsibility standard. Anyhow in the year 2015, the Company was granted Green Industry Certificate Level 3 (Green System), systematic environmental management with monitoring, evaluation and reviewing for continuous development from Factory Department, Ministry of Industry.

Diversity and opportunity of equality

The Company recognizes the diversity of language, ethnicity and education of employees by opening various communication channels through supervisor and comment box. But there were no complaint about inequality from any employee.

The Company places great importance on the production and delivery of quality products in line with customers expectations and performs with regard to their best interests. This shall subject to the valid regulations and/or applicable law by specific guidelines based on customer treatment and product quality in the code of conduct as follows:

  • Know and understand production process and strictly comply with regulations set forth by the Company in order to deliver product and service with quality and timely manner.
  • Study and understand the needs of customers in order to meet their demands accurately.
  • Treat customers with courtesy, dignity and kindness.
  • Respect opinions and decisions of customers, not violating privacy rights of customers.
  • Maintain customer’s personal data and not wrongfully use for personal or other benefit.
  • Be attentive to complaints and follow up it fairly in order ot provide the rapid response.

Sustainable use of resources

The Company recognizes the importance of resource used as a raw material in the company’s activities including the use of energy in manufacturing process, especially electricity as a primary energy in steel billet production business. The Company has been classified as designated factory number TSIC-ID: 37110-0166 according to the Royal Decree on Designated Factories, B.E. 2540 (1997). The Company has established a policy of energy conservation - the guidelines for the organization - and has set targets for energy conservation by comparing energy used per output unit and prepare power management report including appointment of responsible person as a qualified under the Ministerial Regulation. The Company submits report to the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency in March every year. In the year 2557, The Company has received clean technology transfer project certificate for metal industrial group from Department of Industrial Works and is certified as an industrial enterprise operating under good environmental governance criteria set by Ministry of Industry.

The protection and impact of pollution

The Company uses electromagnetic induction furnace. As a result, the amount of air pollution is reduced compared to other types of furnaces. For pollutants such as dust consisting of iron oxide and other metal fume contaminated by steel scrap, the Company has installed the system to control distribution of pollutants at the source. With “bag house filter” air pollution is reduced, the health of employees and neighboring communities is not undermined.

The Company has adopted preventive measure, resolve and reduce environmental impact by presenting impact analysis report approved by Office of The Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Planning on 24 September 2008 and the Company has already submitted such measures tracking report to Office of The Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning every six months. The Company has hired an independent expert to measure the quality of the environment.

The Company focuses on developing community and neighborhood society consisting of 12 villages from Nong Ki Sub-District and 2 villages from Na Dee Sub-District. The company emphasis the community development in 7 aspects including profession, education, environment, religious, sports, health and safety, social and labor relation by publishing community development activities on the Company’s website under the link From its commitment to community development, the Company has received the following awards and certificates;

  1. Year 2012 Certified in comply with primary industrial enterprise social responsibility standard (CSR-DIW for Beginner Award) from Ministry of Industry.
  2. Year 2012 Granted Green Industry certificate Level 1, Green Commitment, commitment to reduce environmental impact and communication within the organization from Ministry of Industry.
  3. Year 2012 Granted Green Industry certificate Level 2, Green Activity, carry out activities that fulfill the preset commitment to reduce environmental impact from Ministry of Industry.
  4. Year 2014 Certified as industrial enterprise operating under good environmental governance criteria from Ministry of Industry.
  5. Year 2014 Clean technology transfer project certificate for metal Industrial group from Department of Industrial Works.
  6. Year 2014 Granted certificate from Promotion and Development of industrial water management Project, Prachinburi from Department of Industrial Works.
  7. Year 2015 Certified standard of preventing and solving drug problem in workplace (White Factory) Prachinburi, from Ministry of the Interior.
  8. Year 2015 Won Outstanding Labour Relations and Labour Welfare Award from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour.
  9. Year 2015 Won honor award in CSR-DIW Award 2015 project (Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility and Department of Industrial Works), industrial promotion to develop corporate social responsibility program from Ministry of Industry.
  10. Year 2015 Granted Green Industry certificate Level 3, Green System, systematic environmental management with monitoring, evaluation and reviewing for continuous development from Ministry of Industry.
  11. Year 2016 Won Outstanding Labour Relations and Labour Welfare Award from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour.

The company has established the policy to conclude work on corporate social responsibility and report the Board of Directors annually in order to provide framework, budget and suitability to the Company’s operations, which is disclosed on its website under the following links;

Activities that benefit society and environment.

Chow Steel Industries Co., Ltd. (Public) concerns more on social responsibility which includes environment, society, and community. This became top priority of the company since 2550 B.E., and there are seven aspects that the company focuses on as listed below :

  1. Education
  2. Career
  3. Environment
  4. Religious
  5. Sport, public health, and safety
  6. Social
  7. CSR in house

The company has provided activities to benefit society and environment continuously. Activities for community, society and environment can be summarized as follows;

  • Project sharing environmental knowledge for children in the community

    The company realizes the importance of management of environment both in the organization and outside, that is the surrounding community and society. Hence, the company cooperated with school in Tambon Nong Ki, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri to provide practical study program about environmental knowledge to spread knowledge to students within radius of 5 km, with practical training to reinforce beneficial thinking so that the youth can apply for the benefit of families and society in the future, by using knowledge from employees in the organization and also by giving a chance to the team of trainees from the university of Phayao, division of Public Health Sciences, sub-division of Environmental Health to join as a lecturer of this project.

  • Painting contest project for scholarship

    The company has launched many projects to support education, such as training, supporting scholarship, providing necessary materialtool and supporting instruction media as well as supporting various activities in school. Painting contest project for scholarship originated from contest for scholarship since 2013. We have been holding this project every year, but we changed type of contest, such as contest of invention from unused item, essay contest, painting contest, in order to fit with the youth in the area. This also encourages the youth to express themselves in proper way and to fully use their creativity.

  • Chow voluntary development project

    The company got the idea from participation between community and employees of the company so that the employees realize responsibility for society and community such as giving the employees a chance to participate in activity planning, visit community to meet and join activity of community continuously, voluntary activity to develop sharing places of community. This project help create consciousness to cherish the organization and community.