Corporate Social Responsibility

We, as a good organization, are committed to creating values to the society by adhering to the principle of steel industrial business conduct in order to encourage and promote and be part of creating the stability of steel industrial markets, and we will operate our business with responsibility for social and environmental benefits.

Overall Policy

We are committed to producing and delivering products of quality that meets customer requirements under good governance. In our operations, we are accountable for both environmental and community impacts from our conduct of business. We base our principle of operating business on ethics, transparency, verifiability, respect for human rights, compliancewith laws, and adherence to international procedural guidelines, with regard to the benefits of interested parties, including development and improvement to create a foundation of constant and sustainable social responsibility.

Operations and Reporting

The Company’s policy is adherence to fairness in our business conduct; execution and attempted execution to in its best interests create fairness towards partners and competitors; and strict compliance with the commitments to attain common objectives. The guideline for treating partners fairly is established in the Code of Conduct.

The Company encourages its management and employees to properly operate business with transparency, fairness, and verifiability that is consistent with its good corporate governance and Code of Conduct. Everyone is expected to report in good faith in any contradicting or suspiciously contradicting conduct to the Company and help improve, rectify or execute to ensure propriety, decency, transparency, and fairness, with protection to the faithful informer.

The Company has established a policy for receiving complaints and protecting the complainants to ensure that superiors and units related to Company human resources would provide proper care, recommendations, and monitoring of employee or officer behaviors and conduct, with protection to the faithful informer.

When in doubt or there is a reason to faithfully believe that a violation or non-compliance exists against laws, ordinances, good corporate governance, policies, procedures, requirements, or rules of the Company, the employee or officer in question should first ask or consult with his or her superior. However, if they are unsure or inconvenient to do so, they can refer the issue directly to the responsible unit.

The Company has a policy to adhere to human rights and respect the honor and personal rights of its directors, management and employees, giving affirmative employment opportunities and disallowing discrimination, labor deterrence,harassment or threatening due to differences in nationality, race, class, sex, age, religion, creed, and social status. Managementand the employees have the opportunity to get encouraged and promoted for knowledge and competency training equally and suitably as necessary for each level of job position. The Company has a policy to keep its working environment safe and hygienic to enable productive work performance. Procedures on adherence to human rights and equal work opportunitiesare established in the Code of Conduct.

Employment and Labor Relations

The Company has formed an Establishment Welfare Committee to undertake joint discussions and provision of employee welfare and additional benefit, and has defined a policy for its employees to receive benefits and welfare fairly. As a result of attaching importance to good labor relations, benefits, and welfare, the employees have become more satisfied with the Company, with their established love and bond to the Company as reflected in the statistics of reduced resignation.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Company has appointed a Safety Committee to consider resolving safety problems and promoting safetyactivities, giving operating staff the opportunity to be part of the Committee in order to obtain information from those working at the operational level. In addition to attaching importance to activities that potentially impact the employees, the Company also attaches importance to activities that potentially pose external impact. Accordingly, a Community RelationsCommittee has been established to jointly consider improving and resolving impacts and to promote more Company participation in communal activities.

In addition, the Company joined the CSR-DIW initiative and has been given a Green Industry Certificate Level 1: Green Commitment that indicates the Company’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts, which has been communicated throughout the organization. The Company has also received a Green Industry Certificate Level 2: Green Activity that indicates the Company’s successful achievement of determined, environmental impact reduction activities. In addition, the Company has also received a Certificate of Compliance with Social Responsibility Standard for Industrial Operators from the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.

The Company attaches importance to the production and delivery of products of good quality that meets customer requirements and bases its execution primarily on customers’ best interests, subject, however, to applicable ordinances regulations, and/or laws. Procedures on customer treatment and product quality are established in the Code of Conduct.

Sustainable Use of Resources

The Company realizes the importance of the resources used as materials in its activities, including the use ofdifferent kinds of energy in its manufacturing process, especially electrical energy which is the main energy for producingbillets. The Company is categorized as a controlled plant no. TSIC-ID: 37110-0166 pursuant to the Royal DecreeEstablishing Controlled Plants B.E. 2540 (1997).

The Company has announced an energy conservation policy as a procedure guideline for its organization, set an energy conservation target with comparison to the energy consumed per one unit of productivity, produced energy management reports, and appointed responsible persons for energy whose qualifications meet the ministerial regulation requirements. The Company furnishes an energy management report to the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency on March of every year.

Pollution Prevention and Impact

Thanks to the Company’s use of induction furnace technology, the amount of air pollution has been reduced lower than that of other kinds of furnaces for such occurring substances as dust, which is comprised of iron oxide fume and other metals commingled in the scrap iron. The Company, therefore, installed a system to control the diffusion of the occurring substances at their origin using a bag house filter, thus reducing air pollution amount and thereby keeping the health of the employees and nearby communities.

In addition, the Company follows the environmental protective and corrective measures and the environmental impact monitoring and examination measures by assigning S.PS. Consulting Service Co., Ltd., as a central unit, to follow up and examine environmental impacts from its business operations, compile and summarize the results of implementing the environmental protective and corrective measures and the environmental impact monitoring and examination measures every six months, for a presentation thereof to the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning and concerned government agencies periodically every six months.

The Company has defined target areas for which community developments will be made in areas within the radius of five kilometers from its plant, consisting of 12 villages in Tambon Nong Ki, Amphoe Kabin Buri, Prachin Buri; and two villages in Tambon Nadee, Kabin Buri, Prachin Buri, totaling 14 villages.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Chow Steel Industries Co., Ltd. (Public) concerns more on social responsibility which includes environment, society, and community. This became top priority of the company since 2550 B.E., and there are seven aspects that the company focuses on as listed below :

  1. Education
  2. Career
  3. Environment
  4. Religious
  5. Sport, public health, and safety
  6. Social
  7. CSR in house

In 2013, the company created the campaign to response directly and related to the community’s needs and wants by getting the community involved with the campaign. This allows the company to be able to advertise the campaign and related news and to collect feedback from them to be using in implementing further campaign. There are some useful summaries from the previous campaigns as the following :

  • Education

    The campaign called “Chow Children’s Day”, which is now the second year of this campaign as that the company prioritizes all children who are the future of the country. Our country will be driven whether in the better or worse in many aspects like science, finance or economy, it will depend on our youth. All of these may need to be educated well for our youth to have excellent understanding and attitude.

    Therefore, the youth and children development is really crucial for our country as we figure out that some creative and useful activities are needed for such development. This also includes activities that allow and encourage those children to be able to present their special talents and to be adaptable with the new society in the future. As the company provides this campaign for those children to share the greatest happiness and the best moment for them to embrace, and there are about 500 children participated this campaign in the area of Nhongkee and Nadee districts. Moreover, the company provided 20 scholarships and 600 stationary kits.

  • Career

    “Chow: More Knowledge for the Better Career” and “Amazing Mushroom for the Wealthy”, which are the second year for both campaigns. Such campaigns allow communities which are nearby the company to be able to educate and practice about mushroom growing, and they will bring this to be used in strengthening their careers in the future. There are about 20 families participated in this campaign as that they can sell those mushroom spawn production further from Moo.2 Baan Kokkeelek, Nhongkee district, Binburi, Prajeenburi, and another group will be selling blooming mushrooms from Moo.4 Baan Samhong, Nhongkee district, Binburi, Prajeenburi. Mushroom processing is another thing that the company provided to those agriculturists in term of theory and real practice. This will allow them to be learning by doing with the proper equipment from Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima. In addition, there is a group gathered to sell the production.

  • Environment

    “Chow: Local Agriculturist’s Sustainable Development” is inspired by the agriculture’s area observation done by local people which is their main works, and the information collected from them will be the next step in implementing the plan. The result is that most agriculture areas are dry, and it will lead to the worse production due to sandy soil. Later on, the company worked on the plan that helps improve the soil quality and implements the sample area for planting at Moo.9 and Moo.5 communities, Nhongkee district, Prajeenburi. The purpose of this campaign is to generate more works and revenues for those local agriculturists and to create more greenery areas for the environment.

  • Religious

    “Religious Camping” is the campaign that cooperates with the local community center along with the purpose of educating people about the Buddhist theory to be passed on from generation to generation in our society. The company chose some qualified temples along with most educated monks such as Klong Malao temple, Khongkee district, Binburi, Prajeenburi.

  • Sport, public health, and safety

    “Chow: Community Association Cup” is inspired by the idea of social responsibility that is the important factor driven the whole company for the better. Then this idea became one of the company’s implementations and managements. It is important to focus on both internal and external society, so there will be a sport event provided to gather people up and join the moment. This campaign is held for the second times for male football players competing with the community center staffs in a sense that they can exchange some useful knowledge with each other and for the better health. The communi- ties that are involved with this campaign are Moo.2 Baan Khokkeelek, Moo.3 Baan Khoklan, Moo.5 Baan Tod, Moo.6 Baan Khoksun, Moo.11 Baan Ratchada Pajik, Moo.7 Baan Khlong Udom, and Moo.8 Baan Khlong Malao, Khongkee district, Binburi, Prajeenburi.

  • Social

    “Chow: the Charity for Overcoming the Flood 2556 B.E.”, which is the campaign that is created to overcome the flood in Prajeenburi because there were many areas affected from the flood at that time. Then the company considered this a serious problem and wanted to help those people by providing this campaign to be providing 200 necessary kits, food, and about 2,400 bottles of water for those people in the areas of Nhongkee district and Binburi district. Moreover, the company set up the main tent for cooking in cooperated with the Sawang Buddhadham Charity, Pakchong district, Nakhon Ratchasima. This also included some volunteer teams by 20 volunteers to be helping and providing food and necessary kits for those families encountered with the flood which was about 1.5 - 2.5 meters high.

  • CSR in house

    The campaign called “Chow: the Blue Flag for the Lower Cost of Living” is created by having conversation with both employees and communities with the purpose of helping them with the cheaper spending, and the campaign plan will be providing four times a year.

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